For the last decade, the usage of LIT (Lock-In Thermography) among European laboratories have grown considerably and you are the evidence of it! In order to improve the experience sharing around this valuable Failure Analysis technique, Sector Technologies and ThermoFisher Scientific would like to setup a technical meeting among the ELITE users community.

Based on the good experience we had during the four first European ELITE Users Meetings (2015/2017/2018/2019), we are pleased to organize our fifth session, the day before the 2020 Fraunhofer CAM workshop event in Halle.

5th ELITE User Group Meeting in Halle

Monday April 27th 2020 from 12am to 5pm

Tentative Agenda:

ELITE Users Meeting will start by a networking lunch, followed by an afternoon technical session.
This technical session will include ELITE product and application updates as well as customer use case presentations as every year. Final program will be shared with all participant by beginning of April 2020.

The main objectives of this technical meeting would be:
• to share experiences from each of you,
• to collect feedback from other Users and Sector Technologies / ThermoFisher Scientific ELITE Application Team on your problematic
• to identify some specific topics that need to be addressed in the future on ELITE.

This Users Meeting would also be an opportunity for you to get the latest update of what’s new on ELITE (new available options, new high speed camera, Sierra software, roadmap, new applications…).

All European ELITE customers as well as people interested in this Lock in thermography Failure Analysis method will be invited. The meeting will be free of charge.


If you are interested to join us during this 5th European ELITE Users Meeting, please let us know by emailing us (Remark: Answer must include number of people, plan for a short presentation: Yes or No, any specific topics that you would like to be addressed?).