Registration will be on Wednesday, 25th April, from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.


Wednesday, 25.04.2018
10:30Matthias PetzoldFraunhofer IMWS-CAM (DE)Welcome
10:50Thorsten MeyerInfineon (DE)Keynote: Megatrends – Impact on Package Technologies

Session 1: Defect Localization

Wednesday, 25.04.2018
11:30Christian BoitUniversity of Technology Berlin (DE)Contactless Fault Isolation for Nanoscale Low Power Technologies on Chip and System
11:50Kristof J. P. JacobsIMEC (BE)Defect Localization in 3-D TSV Structures by Differential Light-Induced Capitance Alteration
12:10Lunch BreakExhibition Opening
13:40Sebastian Brand, Frank AltmannFraunhofer IMWS-CAM (DE)Time-resolved Lock-in Thermography for Defect Localization in 3D
14:00Antoine ReverdySector Technologies (FR)Non Destructive Open Fault Localization on Complex Packages Using EOTPR Technique
14:20Markus Sauter, Zhongling QianInfineon (DE)IC Defect Localization by Gated and Spectral Resolved Photo Emission Microscopy
14:40Pascal LimbeckerGlobalfoundries (DE)Catching Nano-Scaled Defects with PFA – Limits of Localization Methods
15:00Coffee BreakExhibition

Session 2: Sample Preparation

Wednesday, 25.04.2018
16:00Steven RandolphThermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. (US)Combined Femtosecond Laser and Plasma DualBeam for In-situ Failure and Materials Analysis
16:20Michael Grimm3D-Micromac AG (DE)Laser-Micromachining for Failure Analysis: from TEM Sample Preparation to Large Area SEM Inspection
16:40Jiaqi TangJIACO Instruments B.V. (NL)Applications of MIP Decapsulation in Device Quality Control and Failure Analysis
17:00Michael DiBattistaVarioscale, Inc. (US)Extreme Backside Thinning for Laser Voltage Probing
17:20Pascal GounetSTMicroelectronics (FR)Plasma-FIB Delayering and Nanoprobing
17:40ExhibitionDrinks Reception

Session 3: Physical Failure Analysis

Thursday, 26.04.2018
08:30Ingo SchulmeyerCarl ZEISS SMT (DE)3D Analysis of Advanced Logic and Memory Devices
08:50Miriam UngerAnasys Instruments, Inc. (US)Nanoscale AFM-IR Spectroscopy for Failure Analysis of Electronic Devices
09:10Christian RettigRobert Bosch GmbH (DE)Case Study: Impact of ECU Housing on Al Bond Wire Degradation in D²PAK Devices
09:30Motoki EtoNippon Micrometal Corporation (JP)Newly Developed High Reliability Palladium Coated Cu Wire for Automotive Application
09:50Daniel GoranBruker Nano GmbH (DE)Crystal Orientation Mapping and Imaging Using On-Axis Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD) Technique in the SEM
10:10Coffee BreakExhibition

Session 4: Material Characterization and Mechanical Testing

Thursday, 26.04.2018
10:50Markku TilliOkmetic (FI)Keynote: C-SOI as a New Generation MEMS Sensor Platform, Current Status and Challenges
11:30Harald PreuInfineon (DE)Influence of Sample Preparation on Intrinsic Stress inside a Model Chip
11:50Viorel DragoiEV Group (AT)Room Temperature Oxide-Free Semiconductor Bonded Interfaces
12:10Thomas NuyttenIMEC (BE)Nanoscale Stress Measurements Using Raman Spectroscopy
12:30David Poppitz, Andreas GraffFraunhofer IMWS-CAM (DE)Nanobeam Diffraction for Residual Strain Analysis in Materials for Microelectronics
12:50Michael HeckerGlobalfoundries (DE)Mechanical Integrity Analysis of Crack Stop Features in Chip Designs for 28nm and below
13:10Lunch BreakExhibition
14:20Lab Tours