Dear authors and presenters, please upload your ready files using the upload link below.

PowerPoint Files for presentation during the workshop

Please prepare your slide presentation for the workshop with a view to the Presentation Guidelines. Your PowerPoint presentation is required in advance of the conference in order to make the necessary arrangements for downloading your file onto the computer in the conference room. Please submit your presentation no later than 13th May 2022 via the upload area. Please use the following name format for your file: TITLE_OF_TALK. For confidentiality reasons, submitted presentations cannot be viewed by other speakers or participants. If you must make changes to your presentation, please bring your new presentation on a USB memory stick to the Registration Office by 9am (Tuesday) or 7:30am (Wednesday).

Technical Requirements: PowerPoint presentations are accepted. Please remember to upload audio und video files seperately.

If your PowerPoint presentation contains audio or video files, please inform Katja Pernack via Email in advance, so that the necessary technical arrangements can be made.

Upload Area

Upload Presentation (PPT)

Should you experience any difficulties while uploading your file, please email it to Katja Pernack directly.